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Why January is a good time to re-evaluate your career
by Lynne Rawlinson

January is a great time to look for another job, but it is also a good time for reflection!

Are you sure you want to replace one job with another?

The new year has finally been ushered in, we can wipe the slate clean – ‘new year, new me’, start afresh in 2022 and so on….

You may be tired of hearing the same old repetitive phrases repeatedly at the start of every January – however, there is wisdom in these over-used cliches. The mental restart felt at beginning of every new year may provide you with the kickstart you need to re-evaluate your career in the corporate world, as well as the bad habits you hope to kick. So, could a new and independent role be what you’re looking for this January?

Here’s 5 reasons you may be ready to do something for yourself!

 1. Stressed and Tired (Burnout)
Are you finding that you aren’t firing on all cylinders as you used to in your current role? Does stepping through the office doors or loading up Zoom in the morning fill you with internal frustration and resentment? Maybe you’re experiencing mental, physical, or psychological fatigue that is impacting your wellbeing? If so, you’re not alone. Many people experience stress and burnout owing to their job.

According to a survey conducted by Perkbox, “75% of those employed commonly experience work-related stress.” These draining experiences are often not down to who we are, but who we’re employed by and who we’re working alongside.

The findings further showed that ‘Work-related office politics’ is ranked as the highest (37%) cause of stress in the workplace. You may enjoy your role, but being on the receiving end of condescending remarks from CEO Nick is not what you signed up for…

Other causes of workplace burnout include:
•        Lack of interdepartmental communications
•        Long hours
•        A heavy workload
•        Harassment
•        Few promotional opportunities
•        Dull work
•        Tight deadlines
•        Lack of belief in company ambitions and values

That isn’t to say that being employed doesn’t have its benefits. For example, job stability and the opportunity to be social throughout the week are upsides of employment. However, carefully consider the hindrances to your career progression.

2. Tired of the demands of corporate life
There is one constant amongst businesses in the corporate world, something they all keep at the heart of all their operations. It outweighs every other focus, including their people. Money.

Every decision made, every strategy developed, and every position filled are all carefully considered to ensure that cash flow is at its optimum. Often, if goals are not being achieved, the finger is pointed, and management is forced to intervene. In these huge corporations, people are easily replaced meaning that competition for roles is high.

Your worth to the company and its people is tied to your last performance rating/evaluation, and promotions are not linked to the perception of your performance. People are nice to you only when you are influential, or they need you. If your working performance slips and you fail to keep up with the needs of the businesses, patience immediately wears thin. You may even find yourself on the backend of harsh criticism when you’ve worked insanely hard all year round!

Therefore, the pressure to keep these positions can often lead to a very hectic and demanding working week for employees.  A vast amount of personal time is sacrificed, either by staying late or attending after-hours corporate events. Somehow, your contracted 8 hours a day seems to be extending that little bit longer without you even realising.

3. To achieve a better work-life balance
As mentioned previously, the ratio between the time spent on your job compared to living your life outside of the workplace may be incredibly disproportionate. A great work ethic is nothing to be ashamed of, but there’s more to life than your job! You shouldn’t be missing out on your well-earned free time.

According to their 2020 work life balance survey, researchers Ioana Lupu and Mayra Ruiz-Castro cite “Work-Life Balance Is a Cycle, Not an Achievement!” So, to start this cycle, maybe it’s time to start something for yourself?

Business Doctor for Chesterfield, Emily Coy has previously expressed her gratitude towards the flexibility that becoming a business support specialist has provided.

“Business Doctor gives me the flexibility to have many strings to my bow”

For a deeper delve into how Emily has achieved a better work-life balance since becoming a Business Doctor, please read the full case study here:

4. Desire to make a difference to others
Making a difference to others is an often-overlooked motive to wanting a career change. If you have spent many years building connections and gaining valuable experience, then the next steppingstone for you may not be profit-driven. You may be an empathetic individual seeking to help and support others. But this isn’t to say that you aren’t also reaping the rewards that come with running your own business.

However, you do not necessarily need to start from scratch to begin helping people – investing in an established business support franchise provides you with your business set-up.

This is the case for our Business Doctors, who have all been there and done that. Their backgrounds differ, yet they all have years of rich experience gained in their respective fields, which they are using to support SMEs in need of business support.

“I wanted to build something for myself, work for myself, use the skills I’ve gained over the last 30 years and put them into play”. Wicus Van Biljon, Business Doctor for Fife

5. Take control of your own destiny
If you know you’re capable of so much more, but your current role is limited in terms of promotions or challenges, it could be your cue to do something for yourself instead. By doing so, you become your own boss with the freedom to make your own choices. Unlike being employed, there’s no one standing in your way and making decisions for you. This, in turn, can lead to financial gains that corporate roles can rarely promise.

One way that you can take control of the reigns is to invest in a franchise.

For more franchising information and whether it is the right direction for you to take, take a look at our “Operating a Franchise” blog.

Business Doctor for the North Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire regions Andy Mee knows only too well about the rewards and freedom that running his franchise has to offer.

Over the last six years, Andy has developed a business partnership with one of his former clients, who had recently started up his own business. Andy’s first involvement started as an investor in the company, and then finally turned to running the day-to-day activities as Managing Director.

This incredible opportunity turned out to be a highly rewarding one, as the business sold for a multi-million-pound value to a strategic buyer in June 2021.

“This was initially a classic Business Doctors client relationship which developed into a productive and highly enjoyable deep working relationship and ultimately a very beneficial exit”

You can read the full version of Andy’s case study here:

January is a reminder to consider all the fantastic options available to you. Don’t just opt for another version of what you have been doing – why not do something for yourself?

If you’d like to take it to the next level and have an informal chat about what it is like to be a franchisee with Business Doctors? Give us a call on 01744 833778, or get in touch.

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