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Business Doctors launch new digital platform
by Lynne Rawlinson

This last month has been an incredibly progressive one for Business Doctors in terms of our gradual return to ‘in-person’ operations. Our recent roadshows in Manchester and Reading were a huge success. Not to mention our recent integration of new technology to make your level of client support that little bit more flexible.

Face to face regional roadshows

Business Doctors from both the north and south attended the first face to face regional roadshows last week, following the easing of pandemic restrictions. The attendance for both was excellent as usual, a great result considering the logistics and ongoing client commitments – the client always comes first!

The northern meeting was held at the Marriott Victoria & Albert Hotel in Manchester, while the Hilton hotel in Reading was the venue for the south.

The roadshows provided an ideal platform to roll out our new digitalised Business Doctor platform which is set to revolutionise the way we deliver hands on support to clients.

Co-owner Matt has given his review of the recent face to face meet ups:

“It was a great opportunity to meet everybody in the network face-to-face after year of zoom calls and for the franchisees to have an opportunity to meet up, collaborate, share best practice and spend some quality time together. One of the main reasons that people invest in a business doctors’ franchise is to be part of a national network with a collaborative group of colleagues to work alongside who: support each other, refer business to each other and unconditionally share expertise and experiences.”

The main topic for the roadshows was of course how we have successfully digitised our strategic planning and implementation support services with a state-of-the-art online platform which delivers both a high-quality service to our clients, and gives us more agility and flexibility for remote working in this, new working environment we now find ourselves in.

The investment we made in upgrading and digitising our approach, was extremely well received by our franchise partners.

“Reiteration of our process, especially the ‘connect back’ Graham demonstrated really helped”

“StratNav is a game changer for me”

“This future proofs, and covid proofs, our process”

“The reiteration of the Introductions at the start of any seminars, and their importance, makes such sense – I will not be rushing through this in future!”

“A sea change approach and such a no brainer – long overdue”

“StratNav is a natural evolution of our Strategy Day and process”

“Had a bit of a light bulb moment with the Know Like Trust/Visibility Credibility Profitability process Paul Neck presented”

Evolution not revolution

Over the last year, we have helped hundreds of clients to future proof their businesses and we have done the same.

The Covid pandemic has accelerated technology trends, helping to make society more resilient in the face of pandemic and other threats.

For example, most of you have now become extremely familiar with handy tools such as the virtual communication platform Zoom.

Adding a digital arm to our traditional support services will future proof our business and provide customers with more choice! Not only this, but you have all added a new string to your bow which will further your understanding of similar platforms that may be of use in the near future. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Business Doctor clients can now choose from:

• Face to face facilitated strategic reviews
• Facilitated peer to peer groups
• 1:1 online/offline development programmes

Many of our franchisees have responded to our digital evolution by suggesting that “this is a step change for Business Doctors”. Another added that “it’s a real game-changer for our business”. It’s fantastic to hear that most of you are enthused by the introduction of new technology to our daily operations.

Overall, the last month has been an especially prosperous one after the loosening of lockdown restrictions. With the gradual integration of new technology, we hope that more success is to follow in the upcoming months.

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