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Business Doctor Wicus Receives Great British Franchisee Award
by Lynne Rawlinson

Congratulations to our very own Wicus Van Biljon, who’s devotion to supporting small businesses in Fife has been recognised with a Great British Franchisee Award!

Wicus became a part of our team back in 2018. “I wanted to build something for myself, work for myself, use the skills I’ve gained over the last 30 years and put them into play”. This experience, alongside his commitment and enthusiasm for supporting SMEs have all helped to make Wicus a highly deserving Great British Franchisee winner.

Why is Wicus now a proud recipient of a Great British Franchise award?

The judges that selected Wicus as the worthy winner of the award all agreed that Wicus has done so well to achieve what he’s done in the current climate; adding that he’d planned effectively to continue growing his franchise.

The criteria that Wicus has met to win a Great British Franchisee award winner is:

  • Franchisee Stability and Business Experience – Your business – size, location and duration and profitability
  • Driving Business Growth – Focusing on your consistency in performance over previous years, as well as attitude and drive in achieving results.
  • Retaining Staff
  • Customer Satisfaction – Looking at feedback from customers, and how you encourage repeat business.
  • Community Involvement – How you interact with your local community.
  • Inspired Leadership – How you lead your business and what sets you apart from others; how you interact with others in the franchisee network.
  • Franchise Involvement – Your involvement in your franchise network.

Wicus has always made sure that his clients are fully engaged with their business mission – by initially providing three business health checks instead of one. If by the end of their meeting, they’re still not at the stage of wanting to change their current strategy yet, Wicus takes it upon himself to reach out and help them with applications for grants. Regardless of what stage a potential client is at with their business, Wicus has always found a way to lend his services.

Wicus’s “go the extra mile” philosophy has certainly proven to be a successful method amongst his clients – he’s currently working with 20 SMEs, all of whom need tailored business support after the last year. His trademark ‘sell a strategy year instead of a strategy day’ has meant that clients stay supported and motivated throughout their whole engagement with Wicus.

One of Wicus’s clients, JDB All Trades particularly boomed throughout COVID under Wicus’s support:

“We expanded the offering and are now able to project manage even the most complex projects. Even in lockdown we’ve manged to stay successful as part of the strategy focuses on risks and our risk mitigation plans helped to keep the businesses afloat. We’ve actually grown through lockdown, from volume of clients to the new services we offer. Our order book is filled up for 4 months in advance and part of our success story is placing the clients at the heart of what we. We are a community-based business so we focus on communicating with the community as well as our clients about how they are doing and what we could do to help them with, from delivering the home shopping to helping with the chores.”

A huge final congratulations to Wicus, a truly deserving winner of a Great British Franchisee Award. His dedication to supporting small businesses in the Fife region has finally been recognised. We would like to thank Wicus for being such a dedicated member of our team.

If you’d like to follow in Wicus’s footsteps and want to start your own Business Doctor venture, please click here for more information.


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