Strategic Advisors needn’t worry about becoming irrelevant
by Lynne Rawlinson

Why Strategic Advisors aren’t at risk of becoming irrelevant.

There are some professions becoming much more relevant as technology advances and Covid takes hold according to a new report from The World Economic Forum. The Future of Jobs Report 2020 highlights the professions that will continue to thrive, and those that will disappear.

Professions that show no sign of losing importance cannot be replaced by machines and will be necessary to the survival and reinventing of businesses during and after the pandemic.

Strategic Advising is one of them.

Why is there an increased demand for Strategic Advisors?

The report describes how by 2025, analytical thinking, creativity, and flexibility will be among the most sought-after skills. Employers see critical thinking, analysis, and problem solving as growing in importance in the coming years.

New technology, industry & emerging job opportunities

Technology and science are continuously evolving, shaping our society and how we do things. Advancing technology has led to the development of devices that can operate as efficiently as a human can. The Report writes that 43% of businesses are set to reduce their workforce due to technology integration. A machine can Bookkeep, yet it doesn’t require a salary or time off for sickness. Yet, despite these advancements, there are some jobs that robots simply cannot imitate. They require thought, strategic analysis, and management. All of which require a persons’ creative touch and thought.

New technology also means new and emerging job roles – consequentially providing business opportunities to those in Strategic Advising. For example, Software and Application Development is on the rise due to the central role apps play in most of our daily lives. Uber, Just Eat and Zoom all bring convenience to our daily routines. Therefore, this growing market has meant that there are an increasing number of Software/App Development companies competing with each other to win potential clients. However, without a clear and concise plan, new businesses can only hope of winning clients.

Employing a Strategic Advisor who will research and assess the business’ current position in the market, determining its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is vital to the future success of their company!

Growing Social Media Influence

The “Future Jobs Report 2020” also predicts that new job roles will appear in content-creation careers, such as Social media Management. This highlights the growing importance of communications and social media interaction for a business. For example, having a marketing strategy that fits within the company’s wider goals.


Strategic advice will be the first go to for the majority of businesses who have suffered at the hands of COVID-19 and those looking to start up after. The latest data from the government suggests that the last lockdown had an affect across all industries. 18.5% of businesses have temporarily or permanently closed. So, what happens when businesses are given the thumbs up to trade again?

Uncertainty is bound to be clouding the thoughts of those who own small businesses. “Where do I start? When do I start? How do I go about trading after a pandemic?” Even for an experienced business owner, the aftermath of this unprecedented time requires immense assessment and planning. Clear direction and strategy from a professional will provide confidence to those who have struggled over the past year.

Everyone who owns a business or has aspirations to start one needs a strategy: A plan to guide them through the playing field. Strategic advice can help to restore the business you already have or take a new one towards its goals. Whether the opportunity has come about through new industry, growing social influences or Covid, Strategic Advisors will always be a necessity to the success of a business.

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