Running a franchise is not for everyone – could it be for you?
by Lynne Rawlinson

Whilst franchises come in all shapes and sizes – from big brand fast food restaurants to van based franchises, cleaning companies, vending franchises, children’s entertainment and management franchises – the franchisees who operate them have much in common.

Successful franchisees have a unique blend of attributes and skills that enable them to be totally self-driven, whilst letting go of their ego enough to build a business based on somebody else’s tried and tested model.

A special kind of entrepreneur

Franchisees are team players. Although each franchisee owner forges their own path, they are still part of a franchise family and everyone’s actions – good and bad – impact on the network as a whole. It has also been demonstrated that the franchisees that give the most to the rest of the network tend to get the most in return.Franchisees are positive people, who think the best of others and believe they have much to learn from the people around them. They are open-minded and certainly never described as ‘stuck in their ways’

It’s got nothing to do with age, class, gender, ethnicity or level of education. There are award-winning franchisees from every demographic. It goes much deeper than surface appearance: what top franchisees share are a set of core values and beliefs about doing business and making money.

Question time
Here are 13 questions that may help to establish whether you are cut out for franchising. Score yourself a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ for each.

Are you considering self employment?

Do you think you can learn from others?

Do you believe in the power of the brand?

Would you like to be your own boss?

Are you a quick learner?

Are you keen to moderate risk in much of what you do?

Are you prepared to give as well as take?

Are you comfortable not to be 100% in control?

Are you able to trust that others have your best interests at heart?

Are you happy to follow rules and systems set by others if you think they make sense?

Are you prepared to admit that you are not always right?

Would you consider yourself to be a flexible person?

Can you access the money for the franchise fee, either through savings or a loan?

Now for the results
The more questions you responded yes to, the more you are sounding like potential franchisee material. Scored more than five? You could be what we’re looking for.
More information.

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