Are you ready for a new challenge?
by Lynne Rawlinson

This is what we call the ‘Why’

Starting up a business that is centred on your own skills, passions, and interests is a significant reason why people start their own companies.

A journalist limited to what they can write about at the newspaper they work for follows her passion of investigative journalism, where she has the freedom to explore her own leads.

A tradesperson, tired of working for someone else sets up their their own business where they can call the shots, and build on the skills they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Or an accountant, tired of working 60+ hours a week, for a large firm, who just feels like another cog in the machine breaks free to pick their own clients.

A life less corporate

Do any of the above sound a bit like you?

Maybe your work-life home-life balance is unevenly weighted, you’re struggling between your responsibilities at the office, and spending quality time with your family. Do you dream of leaving corporate life behind, and instead enjoy the flexible hours that owning your own business or white-collar franchise could allow? The perks may be good in your senior management role, but are they worth the lack of satisfaction and family time?

Maybe you want to put your energy into doing something that makes a real difference while having more control in your life.

Making a difference

For some people, the chance to help others is the most significant ‘why’ when it comes to creating their own company. This is why Business Doctors was set up – to support small businesses with achieving their vision. And we’re looking for like minded individuals who believe they can make a difference.

To find out more about becoming a Business Doctor, you can download a prospectus here or contact us for more information.

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