Three reasons why businesswomen pick franchising
by jo

Many women who have risen to the top in business have picked franchising as a way to branch out on their own and give something back.

While the decision to become your own boss is a deeply personal one, senior businesswomen have already proven that they have what it takes to run a company, with the three points below often being the reason why these successful women pick a business consultancy franchise:

Added flexibility

Unlike being an employee, choosing to manage a franchise means that you are in control of your client list and work schedule. This is particularly important for some businesswomen, as it doesn’t mean having to choose between work and family life. It is 2018, after all!

Reduced risk

Choosing a franchise, such as a business-consultancy one, also comes with lower risks attached, when compared to starting a new venture from scratch. The reduced risk involved with franchising also means that banks are more ready to lend to franchisees, as they are buying into a proven business model.

Take control

Importantly, becoming a female franchisee allows you to take charge of your own finances and career goals. Whether you want to use your knowledge gained over the years to assist SMEs and start-ups to achieve their vision, or take up the opportunities presented by redundancy or retirement, a business coaching and consultancy franchise is a rewarding and lucrative way to take charge of your life.

As you can see, there are many benefits associated with joining the many women in franchising that are operating across the UK. Why not talk to us today about how you can seize this opportunity too?

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