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5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction

Continuous Improvement

As we strive to achieve continuous improvement, each year we participate in a franchise satisfaction benchmark (FSB). The FSB is provided by Smith Henderson, a leading independent franchise consultancy.  Franchisees are invited to take part in the anonymous online survey with questions about their franchise. 

The real benefit of the report comes from a number of suggested improvements which are then used to form the basis for our first forum meeting of the year. 

We have again been awarded Five Star Satisfaction, as we scored highly in a number of key areas.  Click here to see a summary of the report. 

Some of the comments incuded in the report"

"The mutual respect between franchisees and generosity to help each other is a big plus and a significant differentiating factor compared to similar businesses"

"It feels more like a partnership than a franchise"

"Really friendly and helpful network to draw upon. The established franchisees are a gold mine of information and practical advice. Hands on support from both franchisor and regional directors has been very good."

Further information on memberships and awards can be found here.