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Franchising is an attractive option for women

Business Doctors is proud to support EWIF (Encouraging Women in Franchising)

Women currently make up under a third of those in self-employment but figures suggest the picture could look very different within the next decade.

Since the start of the recession in 2008, women have accounted for an unprecedented 80% of the newly self-employed. (Labour Force Survey, Office of National Statistics 2013).

And franchising is certain to play its part in this trend.

There are many reasons why buying a franchise can be a particularly attractive start up option for a female entrepreneur, including:

  • Flexible working
  • Say goodbye to office politics
  • Great earning potential
  • Be your own boss, without being on your own!
  • No team responsibilities
  • Less risk

Running a Business Doctors franchise can offer the kind of work life balance that women of all ages and life stages often seek. It is home-based and works well on both a full time and part time basis.

Business Doctors brand manager Lynne Rawlinson says: "Business Doctors is all about nurturing other people's businesses and helping them to grow.

To be a great Business Doctor you need good listening skills and the kind of selflessness that women tend to be very good at. As a Business Doctor, it is not all about you: it is about using your skills for the benefit of others.

Business Doctors are mentors, confidantes, sounding boards and facilitators.

They put their own ego aside to help small and medium sized business owners take that vital step up".

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Women in franchising