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Why Franchise?

Owning your own business can be a lonely place

It is well known that franchising is quicker, safer and cheaper than self-start. In a recent bfa/NatWest report published in January 2016, a record 97% franchisee owned units reported profitability in 2015.

But those are not the only benefits.

Being part of an established network with a strong brand presence and the support from Head Office and fellow franchisees, means that help is only ever a phone call away. With a Business Doctors franchise you will also have the added benefit of mentoring from one of six regional directors.

Business Doctors has been operating for 11 years, we have a network of over 40 franchisees in the United Kingdom, and offices in South Africa, India, Malta, UAE and Southern iIreland.

We are a full member of the bfa and the IFA and we hold the Smith Henderson Five Star Franchisee satisfaction award.

If you are ready to start giving something back, we invite you to find out more about our rewarding franchise.


  • Why Franchise?
  • Consulting Market
  • Choosing the Right Franchise
Why Franchise?

Top 10 Reasons to Franchise
1. Image and Brand Awareness
2. Proven Systems in Place
3. Reliable Support Network
4. Marketing Strategy
5. Easier to Obtain Finance
6. Training
7. Location
8. Lowered Risk
9. Turnkey Business
10. Purchasing Power

Source: Franchise Direct

Consulting Market

The UK consulting market is the largest in the world outside the United States, with an estimated current value of £8.1bn

In a 2013 Industry Report, the UK Management Consultancies Association (MCA) reported a 6% growth in income for small consulting firms- some way ahead of growth levels across the economy as a whole.

With companies now refocused on growth, consulting services centred on strategy, operational efficiency, human resources and supplier management are again in high demand. It is not difficult to appreciate why.

1.7 million small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) look to seek the advice of experts who offer the skills required to help them further develop their businesses.

With the credit crunch and recent cost saving measures that are currently being implemented, business need help now more than ever.

Whether a business needs to turn a corner, grow their existing business, increase profits and reduce outgoings or take advantage of a gap in the market where their competitor's have, or are failing,the demand for expert business consultancy advice is at an all time high.

Choosing the Right Franchise

Choosing the right business consultancy franchise is the key to your success

Our experience has shown that by offering superb value for money we provide an excellent opportunity for you to maximise your return on investment.

Your target market needs to avoid restrictions that limit the businesses that can use your services and by helping you to concentrate locally this will keep your overheads down to the bare minimum.

The Business Doctors franchise offers a unique opportunity. Providing you with the dedicated support and national presence of an established and trusted brand, along with the benefit of years of extensive business coaching and strategic marketing expertise.