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Is the future of franchising female?

Is the future of franchising female?

Women currently make up under a third of those in self-employment but figures suggest the picture could look very different within the next decade.

Since the start of the recession in 2008, women have accounted for an unprecedented 80% of the newly self-employed. (Labour Force Survey, Office of National Statistics 2013).

And franchising is certain to play its part in this trend.

There are many reasons why buying a franchise can be a particularly attractive start up option for a female entrepreneur:

1. Flexible working
It's not just women who are looking for flexible working. But, with or without additional caring responsibilities, women do tend to be more aware of the quality of life benefits it can bring. Whether you're looking for part time work opportunities, term time only working, a four day week or school hours only, a Business Doctors SME consultancy franchise could allow you to plan your working day around other commitments. It may be that you're approaching your 60s and want to reduce your hours without stopping altogether. Or are you wanting to dedicate some of your week to volunteer work? Buying the right franchise can give you the space to redesign your working week until it is a perfect fit.

2. Say goodbye to office politics
Office politics can account for a huge proportion of workplace stress and burnout, and unfortunately there's no easy way to sit it out. Self employment through franchising frees you from the toxic and time wasting practices that can develop in many offices. You will have more time and energy to concentrate on the task at hand. You may well find that Sunday night feeling is a thing of the past. As a Business Doctors franchisee you would be visiting other people's places of work. But as an external consultant, you will not get bogged down in the politics and will be in a stronger position to make real change.

3. Earning potential
As a franchisee, you are your own boss. You will soon learn that time is money. If you want to earn more, then put in the hours. It's entirely up to you whether you work 20 hours a week, 40 or 60. If working evenings and weekends lights your fire, then crack on and maximise your income. You will be calling the shots - and directly reaping the rewards of all those extra hours. No more unpaid overtime.

4. Your own boss but not on your own
If the fear of going it entirely alone puts you off starting a business, then buying a franchise can be a great halfway house. You get to call the shots about where, when and how you work, but you won't be doing it in isolation. Business Doctors franchisees get support not only from head office but from their fellow franchisees. Many of them choose to work together to share ideas and even pitch for large contracts as a consortium.

5. No more team management responsibilities
When people are very good at their job, they tend to rise up the ranks. But with the promotion comes an increasing responsibility for managing the work of others and less time left for actually doing the job you enjoy. Buying the right franchise can put you in the preferential position of being a boss, but without the team management requirements. Many white collar franchises, including Business Doctors, are designed to work on a sole trader model, allowing you to earn money using your core skills rather than wiping others' noses and pulling up their socks. Chances are you already do enough of that at home.

6. Less risk
Many studies have shown that women tend to be more risk averse in business than their male colleagues. Having a measured attitude to risk can make buying a consultancy franchise such as Business Doctors a very appealing prospect. Firstly, you are buying into a recognised, respected and fast growing brand. Established since 2004, all the teething problems of selling consultancy services to SMEs have already been ironed out. The franchisors have proven systems and processes in place for generating and converting business enquiries. Business Doctors is a full member of the British Franchise Association (BFA), which means it has a proven trading and franchising record.

What next?

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