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We offer 'hands on' support to business owners

Small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) are anxious to adopt the same business growth strategies used by large corporations to great success. This includes the use of outside expertise. Unfortunately, consultancy services cannot simply be scaled down for SMEs.

The small business owner who has befriended his employees needs more than advice to cut staff. The passionate entrepreneur is ill equipped to handle a dispassionate assessment. The multitasking MD is too busy with day-to-day issues to look five years into the future.

The leaders of our nation’s 1.9 million VAT registered SMEs need more than counsel from consultants or warm words from coaches. They need care and direction from Business Doctors.

Business Doctors provide small and medium size businesses with a host of proprietary programmes designed to help them develop effective strategic plans, improve their organisational efficiency, involve their staff in organisational change and master their supply chain.

Trained and equipped to deliver packaged Business Doctors programmes, Business Doctors rise to the top by helping other businesses to do the same. Sharing the benefit of their own experience, they help other businesses enjoy the success they themselves have achieved.

Supported by a national Franchise support team, Business Doctors enjoy both the independence of business ownership and the benefits of a supportive, collaborative nationwide professional network.