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Pat Kerley Head and Shoulders

Why did you choose this franchise?
I decided to join Business Doctors because it combined all of the facets of my previous careers. I Enjoy working with people & helping them to succeed plus, it combines all my business and personal talents.

What was your previous profession?
30 years sales and marketing experience with multinational companies before setting up my own pharma services outsourcing company with a business partner.

How did you find the setting up process? What support did you receive?

I found Business Doctors every easy to deal with and always approachable and very friendly. I had two introduction days, one in Ireland and one in UK which were very informative, so I went in with my eyes open.

What are the benefits of being a franchisee, in your opinion?

Even though I work on my own, I feel very much part of a team and have access to a large database of information to help me be successful as well as numerous colleagues to confide and assist me. I believe a franchise is a safer and quicker method to get success in your own business.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about buying a franchise?
Do your research and ensure that your talents match the requirements of the franchise and speak to current and ex franchisees.

What are your plans for the future?

To grow my business to a level that gives me a balance between a good income and a good quality of life.

Any additional comments

It’s still your business and you are responsible for its growth, so be prepared to work hard and always keep a track on your cash-flow.

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