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What is your career background?

I am a Qualified Technical Land Surveyor and the Founder of various entrepreneurial SME’s. I have extensive experience and participation in Senior Executive Management Teams and has been a Board Member in several service provider entities that supplied specialist products and services to Corporate customers

What are you doing now?

Besides acting as the Managing Director for the Western Cape franchise of Business Doctors in South Africa, I am also an Executive Director and Member on the Boards of various other Companies.

How did you discover the franchise and why did you choose this franchise over others that are available?

Discovered via Google.

The Business Doctors branding and key market-offerings that goes wider than just the usual “Consulting” and “Coaching”, worked for me from the outset.

Is your family involved in running the franchise? What is the impact of working together?

Yes – we have extensive experience in working together as family members and while there will always be risk associated, we have found the magic in getting it right.

How did you raise the finances required?

Own capital.

How did you find the training material and support you received from your franchisor?

Comprehensive, detailed and readily available.

What highs do you expect in your new business?

I expect expansive results in providing me with control in my business operations, the freedom to apply myself the way I need to, and the ultimate growth I am capable of.

What do you particularly love about your work?

Besides the opportunity to make money, there is the satisfaction of assisting our Customers with their business operational- and growth-wellbeing.

What are your plans for the future?

To develop a successful franchise for our region and to contribute significantly to the Business Doctors brand in South Africa, but also beyond. This being said, to use such successes to provide me with a significant return on the brand investment. 

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