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Meeting growing demand for South African SMEs

SA Market 

Steve Sutton, based in Gauteng is looking to mobilize local SA expertise to meet the growing demand for support that, given the current bleak economic outlook, the South African Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise (SMME) market will face in the near future. “The economy,” said Reserve Bank Governor Gill Marcus recently, “is facing a difficult time as it is buffeted by both global and domestic challenges”. This calls for imaginative and bold action in respect of South Africa’s options for economic development.

Responding to the call for action Business Doctors SA will leverage the knowledge and expertise its UK founders gained over the last 10 years that included strong support through their economic crisis. This will enable us to assist our local entrepreneurs in improving their market and revenue performance. As SMMEs play a critically important role in economies across the world they will be looked at to not only grow and innovate but to meet the high demand for job creation. 

Business Doctors not only comes with strong brand and expertise but a culture of "paying it forward" that we aim to build on by adopting an aggressive Corporate Social Responsibility program aimed at empowerment of previously disadvantaged South Africans through training targeting the development of Entrepreneurial and business skills.

Business Doctors SA are looking for skilled business professionals to join a strong brand with a solid support base aimed at providing professional support services to the SMME market that will not only result in improved survival rate and performance of Entrepreneurs but the overall economic improvement of the South African SMME market. Business Doctors offer a range of services customized to the needs of the local market while striving to meet the growing demands exacerbated by the following factors:

1. Greater than 75% failure rate of SMME’s within the first two years
2. Shortage of Managerial knowledge and entrepreneurial skills
3. “Red Tape” resulting in slow growth of our SMME market
4. Inability to access funding

The Opportunity

Given the huge need for SMME growth and the need for business professionals with the right skills to assist and grow the SA SME market, we are looking for business individuals like yourself! If you are interested in a franchise opportunity that will allow you to apply your professional experience and business acumen to develop your own truly successful business, then this call to action is for you! As a franchisee you will have access to:

1. Proven business concept - a blueprint for your success
2. Fully supported lead generation and client acquisition system
3. Innovative, customer focused business tools and processes
4. Strong brand identity and established reputation
5. Territories throughout South Africa
6. Full training and ongoing support provided

If you are up for a challenge, are made of the right stuff and want to join a team that will leave a positive mark on the South African landscape, then Business Doctors SA is the team for you! Join us and let’s together make a difference in South Africa!

The Investment

The total investment for a Business Doctors franchise in South Africa is as follows:

Regional costs R450 000-00 excluding VAT* 

Local costs R355 000-00 excluding VAT*

Included in the costs above:

  • Ability to operate under the prestigious, established Business Doctor name
  • Extensive training
  • Marketing support and branded collateral
  • Launch support 
  • Website to support your marketing activities
  • Management portal
  • Suite of proven delivery tools 

*Franchise fees make up a small portion of the costs ensuring provision for running capital and office setup.

*Please note that the figure is an indication and may vary.

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