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Business Doctors open for business in Zambia

Eugene Haazele recently joined the prestigious Business Doctor Franchise and is now looking forward to providing hands on business support to businesses in Lusaka.

Eugene started his engineering career as an apprentice engineer at the Lusaka Urban District Council and went on to work for a Danish international consulting firm (Carl Bro International) where he remained for over five years.

Eugene's career has seen him travel extensively, he served in the Ministry of Works and Transport - Kingdom of Swaziland, Knight Piesold Consulting - Rivonia,South Africa and Democratic Republic of Congo and in 1999 he set up and managed a successful civil engineering consulting company in Swaziland.

Eugene is now looking forward to his latest venture which will make use of his experience and passion for business.

There are 100,000 active SME's in the Lusaka area, this includes limited liability companies and profit co-operatives operating in diverse industries such as manufacturing, construction, transport, service industries, retail, etc.

Eugene will draw upon his own business experience and the Business Doctors network made up of over 50 business professionals throughout the United Kingdom and India.

Contact Eugene here to arrange a free business health check.

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