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Business Doctors is Recruiting

Dedicated to providing 'hands on' support to SME's in the UK, Business Doctors continues with their recruitment plan as a direct result of increased demand.

More businesses are looking to grow this year and are seeking no-nonsense advice from Business Doctors throughout the UK, to help them to achieve their aspirations.

There are currently 36 offices throughout the UK, and with an increase in government funding to support business growth, the Business Doctors have never been busier.

Last week saw four new Business Doctors completing their training at the Head Quarters in Merseyside.

New recruits include, Dominic Bowles (Cambridge, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire) Neville Liddle (Central Liverpool) Graham Bastow (Oldham) Glyn Selway (York), all completed their induction training at HQ last week.

Individual press releases will follow.

Pictured left to right Dominic Bowles, Matt Levington, Neville Liddle, Graham Bastow, Rod Davies and Glyn Selway.



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