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Lawrence Wilson

Bromley Business Doctor celebrates successful first year

Lawrence Wilson, the Business Doctor for Bromley, recently shared a LinkedIn post about how well his first year as a franchisee has gone.

Over the past twelve months of franchising with Business Doctors, which provides practical, hands-on advice to SMEs around the world, Lawrence has already built up a number of successes, which he highlighted in his article.

He first celebrated how well his inaugural ‘Breaking Big’ seminar had gone, with 50% more local businesses turning up to the event than he had originally anticipated. This showed the appetite for reliable business advice in Bromley, which Lawrence was more than happy to provide.

Another couple of highlights involved the perks that can come from having such a varied role, with the business consultancy franchisee noting how he enjoyed getting to play golf while visiting FORE Business and his dealings with the Bromley Theatre Business Club.

Lawrence also noted the excitement that can come from winning new business after an unexpected speaking invite, as well as fostering close professional relationships at his local BNI and Mastermind Business Network meetings. While it can take patience, trust, and persistence, the Bromley Business Doctor was happy with how networking was paying dividends.

Business franchising opportunities can often be highly rewarding, although Lawrence was particularly delighted by how his actions, when following the Business Doctors strategy development programme, allowed him to witness success first hand at the SMEs he was working with.

To cap it all off, Lawrence declared that he was particularly “looking forward to year two”, with SME owners in Bromley being urged to keep a look out for his upcoming events.

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