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Frequently Asked Questions

So you have done your research, decided that you are interested, you will have many questions.  Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions.

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  • Could I be a Business Doctor?

    Very possibly. While no consulting experience is needed, franchise owners must have the motivation and capacity to learn the techniques required to become an expert business advisor. Enthusiastic self-starters who enjoy working with people, Business Doctors franchise owners have the determination and commitment to make a proven system work for them. For more information, contact us today.

  • What training will I be given?

    Business Doctors Franchising Ltd provides its franchise owners with comprehensive training in all aspects of the Business Doctors franchise business. 

    Our franchise owners receive a thorough induction into our marketplace, business operations, proprietary systems – and the proven marketing and sales strategies used by existing Business Doctors to great success. 

    The Business Doctors Franchise Operations Manual, on loan to our franchise owners for the duration of their trading licence, outlines our every business practice. 

    Our professional support team will assist the launch of every Business Doctors franchise and provide franchise owners with ongoing support. 

    Our transferred skills, knowledge and procedures, together with your initiative, determination, professionalism and customer-service mentality, hold the key to a successful Business Doctors franchise business. No business will deliver immediate wealth. 

    The best business owners are those who are prepared to grow their business in their territory and provide excellent service levels. 

    The best franchise business owners have the wisdom to apply our proven model. In time, their diligence and our transferred expertise will allow them to enjoy the many rewards of a Business Doctors franchise.

  • What is the market outlook?

    Recent research by the Management Consultancies Association has found that the largest and fastest-growing markets within management consulting (after IT) are programme and project management, operational improvement, financial management consulting, and consulting on outsourcing deals and human resources. These are the core services of Business Doctors.

    Research shows that firms with the most diverse portfolio of services enjoy the largest share of recorded management consulting fee income. Business Doctors is proud to offer its target market a comprehensive portfolio of relevant services. With a wide selection of popular services, an outstanding pool of 1.7 million VAT-registered small and medium enterprises, high esteem and fast-growing demand, the market is there for Business Doctors.

    Business Doctors firmly believes that by giving talented individuals the opportunity to own their own business – while enjoying the ongoing support of a growing national brand – the brand can emerge as the pre-eminent strategic business partner of SMEs in the UK.

  • How much could I earn?

    Your earnings will depend on your effort, dedication and tenacity. 

    We hope that the information on our site is inspiring you to learn more about this distinctive business opportunity. 

    To further explore the opportunity offered by a Business Doctors franchise, call us today  on 0845 219 7077 or email franchising@businessdoctors.co.uk

    If you have the potential to become a Business Doctor, we will invite you to an exploratory meeting. At this meeting, you will be provided with income projections and other financial details to help you to draw up a credible business plan for your chosen location and to discuss the opportunity in detail with your advisors.