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Peace of mind

It takes a massive amount of expertise, time and effort establishing your business, even on a local level. The additional support a franchisor invests in a new franchisee is priceless and crucial to their success. You will also have the chance to benefit from using a recognised and trusted brand name. 

Marketing support 

Initial marketing costs for a normal start up business can be quite considerable. As a franchise owner, you will have automatic access to a website, full suite of marketing collateral, email software and established campaigns.

Funding your business

Banks are often more likely to lend money to buy a franchise with a good reputation and an established market presence. Ongoing costs are also considerably less due to the marketing support franchisors offer.

Communicate and share

Business Doctors is a collaborative franchise model.  This means you will be able to draw upon the experience of a large network, giving you the ability to communicate and share ideas with each other. Established Business Doctors will be able to point out pitfalls to avoid and highlight areas that have proved successful in the past.  

In this short video Andy Mee, shares his thoughts on franchising along with his experience during his first year as a Business Doctor franchisee.