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No startup is without risk, but then being an employee isn't exactly risk free either


Starting a business involves managing risk. No startup is without risk, but then being an employee isn't exactly risk free either

Every new business owner plans to succeed and evidence shows that those who launch franchises have a greater chance of success than entrepreneurs who go it alone. This makes sense. Buying a franchise ensures that you are several steps ahead of the game before you begin. At its best, a franchise is a thoroughly tried and tested system, with potential teething troubles already worked through.

You may be a newbie, possibly a bit wet behind the ears when it comes to self employment, but the business you are running already has legs and is backed by people who know what it takes to thrive and grow.

But all franchises are not created equal.

That is why it is important to find out if a franchise has British Franchise Association (BFA) accreditation. Choosing a BFA approved franchise gives you a level of assurance that you are buying into a quality system. Only franchises with a proven track record in trading and franchising will be allowed to display the BFA logo.

The BFA has been the regulatory body for franchising since 1977, and in its own words, it was established to 'help potential franchisees recognise the good, the bad, and the ugly franchise opportunities for what they are.'

The association looks very closely at the contract between franchisor and franchisee, the testing of the system and its success as a franchise. A franchise will have to have been running for a number of years (a different number for each type of franchise) and be able to demonstrate successful franchisees across a number of different settings.

But what BFA accreditation cannot do is guarantee you make a success of  your chosen franchise. Doing your research amongst members can help to narrow down and inform your choice, but it still falls to you to tread carefully and quiz both franchisors and their franchisees to within an inch of their lives.

Business Doctors as been a fully accredited BFA member since 2014 and owners Matt Levington and Rod Davies are rightly proud of this mark of quality.

Says Matt: "Gaining the highest level of British Franchise Association membership is much more than a box ticking exercise: it's a really rigorous process. But in shaping and refining our offer to meet the BFA's stringent requirements, we upped our game to create an offer of even higher quality to our franchisees.

"We know it matters to them that we are fully accredited BFA members and we display the logo like a gold standard badge of honour".

To find out more about why and how Business Doctors became the first national business coaching and consultancy franchise to gain full BFA accreditation - and what this means to our franchisees - give us a call on 01774 833 778.

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